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Five miles North of Florence, Oregon, just East of Highway 101, you will find Darlingtonia Wayside. More than just a place to stop and stretch your legs, it's an 18 acre Oregon State Park dedicated to the protection of the only carniverous plant in Oregon. A truly fascinating twist in food chain, Darlingtonia californica, also known as the Cobra Lily, gets it's main source of nutrients not from the soil, but from passing insects. Lured into the plant by the promise of nectar, and then led further into the bowels by false exits, bugs in search of food, instead become the fuel for a passive predator.

Just a few dozen yards on a smooth paved path, past some interestingly twisted trees, a boardwalk leads you into the heart of the shady bog.

This bog is home to the Cobra Lily, and is also the final destination for many insects.

No fee is required to visit Darlingtonia Wayside, which also features picnic tables and a restroom.

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