Oregon Dunes

Posted by on March 14, 2012

Whether you’re seeking the solitude of miles of empty, windswept dunes or the rowdy good times of riding an ATV with a group of friends on a playground of sand, the Oregon Dunes have what you need. Separate areas designated as off limits to motorized vehicles means that there are still vast portions of quiet, undisturbed dunes available for hiking, exploring, wandering, and simply enjoying the unique landscape. If you like your fun at a faster pace, you can rent an ATV or a sand rail (dune buggy), or if you want an experienced driver at the wheel, take a ride on one of the many sand dune tours offered in the area. One of my favorite things to do is riding on the beach at the Florence Dunes. It’s just such a memorable experience that every time I go, it just makes me want to go back even more. Sounds like an addiction!

Riders Surfing the Oregon Dunes

Lake in the Florence Dunes

May on the Florence dunes. Sunny one minute, then raining the next.

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